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Ezra Furman and Sex Education  

We are cutting some new tracks with Ezra Furman for an upcoming Netflix series called Sex Education, staring Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame.  We love Ezra's music and are thrilled to be working on this project. If you didn't see his latest music video produced by our friend Beth Jeans Houghton (Du Blonde) check it out here.  XX


New Music and Video From Geographer 


- It's been 2 years since Mike Deni and Jeremy Black started work on the new Geographer music.  We are proud and excited to present a little taste of whats to come.  We give you "Read My Mind".



We have been staying super busy these past few months.  Obviously too busy to update this silly website!  But there is tons of exciting stuff to talk about.  We've been working on new music with the San Francisco band Geographer and we recently wrapped up a full length LP for the very baddass and talented Du Blonde (Beth Jeans Houghton) from New Castle, UK.  Also, ConBrio came through, the Stone Foxes came though, Hello Echo,  Tim Bluhm, Kiyoshi Foster, Hibbity Dibbity and Graham Lesh.    

Cellar Doors and the new age of SF Psych Rock 

Happy day to you fellow internet traveller.  The studio is jamming with new sounds these days. San Francisco's psychedelic pranksters Cellar Doors are dropping their first 2 singles via 7" on Spiritual Pajamas.  The band headlines their 7" release party at the Chapel in San Francisco this Friday 2/18.  

Check out the new tunes "Frost" and "Prism" produced, engineered and mixed at Coyote Hearing by Jeremy Black.  



Happy New Year! 

It's been such an incredible year.  We feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with so many great artist and we can hardly contain our excitement about all the great music you are going to hear next year.  We also have plans in place to start up a record label and publishing company called Public Hearing.  We will be releasing our first compilation in spring of 2016.  We are taking submissions, so send us links through the contact page.  Props to all the amazing bands we got to work with this year. Keep the up the good work everybody!  

Look out for new music from Cellar Doors, Talk of Shamans, Yesway, Kacey Johansing, Hello Echo, Thick paint, FJAAK, O, Geographer, Go By Ocean, Netherfriends, Farallons, Sandy's and Nightime Sunshine.

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Split Screens get music on Bones, drops a stop motion video and hits the road 

We have been lucky to work with the talented Jesse Cafiero Aka Splitscreens on both of his stellar releases.  And we are so pleased to hear of his recent success.  "Close Your Eyes" from the latest record, "Before the Storm" was recently featured on an episode of the TV show Bones.  They also announced tour dates today and are hitting the road at the end of end of month. 

Sept 30 - Silverlake Lounge - Los Angeles, CA
Oct 1st - Sycamore Den - San Diego, CA
Oct 2nd - Doce Cincuenta - Tijuana, MEX!!!
Oct 3rd - Fernwood Resort - Big Sur, CA
Oct 4th - Crepe Place - Santa Cruz, CA
Oct 7th - Bomb's Away Cafe - Corvallis, OR
Oct 8th - Blue Moon Tavern - Seattle, WA
Oct 10th - Kelly's Olympian - Portland, OR

If you haven't already seen Jesse'e collage style animated video for the lead single "Stand Alone", do yourself a favor and be entertained for the next 4 minutes by clicking play below.