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O drops new video for "Deepthroat Love" Single via Flood 


There’s not much known about O, the San Fransisco duo composed of Gregory Di’Martino and Rob Mills, and that’s probably because their name is all but impossible to Google. But according to their biography, their name’s lack of substance is by design:

O is pronounced as the letter, but is also a circle or a zero or a hole, and is about the closest thing possible to having no name at all. Without any prejudiced association, that means O is open to its audience’s own interpretation, letting its music fill that same void the name creates.

Which leaves us with the music. Today, we’re premiering the video for O’s new (and also unGoogle-able) track “Deepthroat Love”—the b-side of their debut single “Ireek,” released last week on Hit City U.S.A. It’s a medley of softly picked acoustic guitar, hand claps, subtle synth work, and singer Di’Martino’s hushed, eccentric vocal stylings. “I love you / But you’re so strange,” he sings, eclipsed by layered, fragmented screens of black and white.

Check it out below, and head here to grab downloads of both songs for free.



O releases first single "IREEK" via Stereogum 

We are proud to share debut the single "IREEK" and the B side "Deepthroat Love" from O courtesy of Hit City USA.  All produced, recorded and mixed at Coyote Hearing by Jeremy Black.  Assistant engineering by Kevin Friedrechsen

See more at Stereogum
By Grace Birnstengel / July 23, 2015 - 11:02 am

Formerly called Black Cobra Vipers, San Francisco-area duo O changed their name to “O” because they wanted a moniker as close to nonexistence as possible. So basically, if “O” could get by without having a band name, they probably would. Members Rob Mills and Gregory DiMartino describe their sound as “psychedelic dream pop indie sock polka,” which, other than the sock part, rings pretty true in their new single “Ireek.” DiMartino, the supposedly 6’8″ frontman, shrieks and shrills through this five-minute dancey track, fit with rhythmic guitars and sweet melodies.