We have been staying super busy these past few months.  Obviously too busy to update this silly website!  But there is tons of exciting stuff to talk about.  We've been working on new music with the San Francisco band Geographer and we recently wrapped up a full length LP for the very baddass and talented Du Blonde (Beth Jeans Houghton) from New Castle, UK.  Also, ConBrio came through, the Stone Foxes came though, Hello Echo,  Tim Bluhm, Kiyoshi Foster, Hibbity Dibbity and Graham Lesh.    

Cellar Doors and the new age of SF Psych Rock 

Happy day to you fellow internet traveller.  The studio is jamming with new sounds these days. San Francisco's psychedelic pranksters Cellar Doors are dropping their first 2 singles via 7" on Spiritual Pajamas.  The band headlines their 7" release party at the Chapel in San Francisco this Friday 2/18.  

Check out the new tunes "Frost" and "Prism" produced, engineered and mixed at Coyote Hearing by Jeremy Black.  



Happy New Year! 

It's been such an incredible year.  We feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with so many great artist and we can hardly contain our excitement about all the great music you are going to hear next year.  We also have plans in place to start up a record label and publishing company called Public Hearing.  We will be releasing our first compilation in spring of 2016.  We are taking submissions, so send us links through the contact page.  Props to all the amazing bands we got to work with this year. Keep the up the good work everybody!  

Look out for new music from Cellar Doors, Talk of Shamans, Yesway, Kacey Johansing, Hello Echo, Thick paint, FJAAK, O, Geographer, Go By Ocean, Netherfriends, Farallons, Sandy's and Nightime Sunshine.

Follow us on Soundcloud for music updates from our friends https://soundcloud.com/coyote-hearing

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Split Screens get music on Bones, drops a stop motion video and hits the road 

We have been lucky to work with the talented Jesse Cafiero Aka Splitscreens on both of his stellar releases.  And we are so pleased to hear of his recent success.  "Close Your Eyes" from the latest record, "Before the Storm" was recently featured on an episode of the TV show Bones.  They also announced tour dates today and are hitting the road at the end of end of month. 

Sept 30 - Silverlake Lounge - Los Angeles, CA
Oct 1st - Sycamore Den - San Diego, CA
Oct 2nd - Doce Cincuenta - Tijuana, MEX!!!
Oct 3rd - Fernwood Resort - Big Sur, CA
Oct 4th - Crepe Place - Santa Cruz, CA
Oct 7th - Bomb's Away Cafe - Corvallis, OR
Oct 8th - Blue Moon Tavern - Seattle, WA
Oct 10th - Kelly's Olympian - Portland, OR

If you haven't already seen Jesse'e collage style animated video for the lead single "Stand Alone", do yourself a favor and be entertained for the next 4 minutes by clicking play below.  


Life is Beautiful ~ Kacey Johansing, Friends and More  Podcast

We are very excited to announce that our good friend Kacey Johansing's beautiful new record is almost done and features some of our favorite musicians in the world.  Guitar: Sam Cohen (Apollo Sunshine, Yellowbirds), Keys/Vocal: Eric D. Johnson (Fruitbats, Shins) Drums: Jeremy Black  Bass: Jamie Riotto (who also Engineered most of the record).  We will have release date and tour details soon.  In the mean time check out this dance track called "Clear The Line" that we made a few months ago along with her Yesway partner Emily Ritz.  


Jeremy is also currently working on new music with Talk of Shamens, Sandy's, Madeline Tasquin, Nathaniel Markman and Sister Chief and just signed on to work with Geographer and Go By Ocean in the Fall.   

Kacey Johansing
  1. Clear The Line (Feat Yesway)

O drops new video for "Deepthroat Love" Single via Flood 


There’s not much known about O, the San Fransisco duo composed of Gregory Di’Martino and Rob Mills, and that’s probably because their name is all but impossible to Google. But according to their biography, their name’s lack of substance is by design:

O is pronounced as the letter, but is also a circle or a zero or a hole, and is about the closest thing possible to having no name at all. Without any prejudiced association, that means O is open to its audience’s own interpretation, letting its music fill that same void the name creates.

Which leaves us with the music. Today, we’re premiering the video for O’s new (and also unGoogle-able) track “Deepthroat Love”—the b-side of their debut single “Ireek,” released last week on Hit City U.S.A. It’s a medley of softly picked acoustic guitar, hand claps, subtle synth work, and singer Di’Martino’s hushed, eccentric vocal stylings. “I love you / But you’re so strange,” he sings, eclipsed by layered, fragmented screens of black and white.

Check it out below, and head here to grab downloads of both songs for free.



O releases first single "IREEK" via Stereogum 

We are proud to share debut the single "IREEK" and the B side "Deepthroat Love" from O courtesy of Hit City USA.  All produced, recorded and mixed at Coyote Hearing by Jeremy Black.  Assistant engineering by Kevin Friedrechsen

See more at Stereogum
By Grace Birnstengel / July 23, 2015 - 11:02 am

Formerly called Black Cobra Vipers, San Francisco-area duo O changed their name to “O” because they wanted a moniker as close to nonexistence as possible. So basically, if “O” could get by without having a band name, they probably would. Members Rob Mills and Gregory DiMartino describe their sound as “psychedelic dream pop indie sock polka,” which, other than the sock part, rings pretty true in their new single “Ireek.” DiMartino, the supposedly 6’8″ frontman, shrieks and shrills through this five-minute dancey track, fit with rhythmic guitars and sweet melodies.  
LINK TO MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/hit-city-usa/o-ireek/s-hVDax


Hanging with Fjaak.  3 great lads from Berlin doing electronic music right.  No computers all analog power.   

Bio: FJAAK is a Berlin born and raised young trio with futuristic mind but already nostalgic feelings. They are both into analogue machines and equipment as well as into all kinds of digital toys. Though still very young at years, their hardware only livesets are already legendary in their hometown Berlin as well as selected stops throughout Europe.


Super Human Happiness 

We were so happy to have Superhuman Happiness come by and record some tracks with us!  Check out these panoramas Kevin took of the session. 

They are such a talented and creative group of musicians. We got super sweet drum sounds using the DDRUM triggers through the nord drum and Stuart Bogie and Eric Biondo’s epic horns and synth They are such a talented and creative group of musicians. We got super sweet drum sounds using the DDRUM triggers through the nord drum and Stuart Bogie and Eric Biondo’s epic horns and synthlines mixed and Andrea Diaz’s sultry vocals make for a super unique sound.  Looking forward to getting these tracks out there. 

COYOTE HEARING is a boutique recording studio and production team founded by producers Jeremy Black and Cochrane McMilllan in 2007.  Based in Oakland, CA we do hands on album production, engineering, mixing and mastering.  Our facility is also available to rent to outside engineers and producers looking for a comfortable bay area setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Our gear is extensive, carefully curated and our rates are affordable.  We love this place and we hope you do to.      

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